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Generous author donates all royalty proceeds to Ashgate Hospicecare

‘A Matter of Life and Death’, a book by renowned author Rosalind Bradley, has recently gone on sale with all royalty proceeds coming to Ashgate Hospicecare.

The book, which offers a meaningful volume for the bereaved and those working in bereavement or spirituality, brings together contributors from different backgrounds, including a Holocaust survivor and a death row inmate, explores different perspectives on death.

Rosalind Bradley said, “The trigger to me writing the book was my mother’s sudden death while she was staying with us in Australia, on holiday from England. It was a few days after ‘9/11’. One day we were strolling around the Sydney Opera House, the next day she died in Emergency following a cardiac arrest.

“In the wake of her death and ‘9/11,’ I became intensely curious about death. Several years later, after another cluster of deaths, I felt even more driven to come to terms with what is death? Exploring the mystery of death in all its rawness and complexity and gleaning some meaning from it led me to create A Matter of Life and Death.

“My friend Deborah Loeb spent her final days in Ashgate in 2008. Although I was present at her cancer diagnosis in late 2007, I sadly did not see her again. However, I felt with her in the closing stages of her life and wanted to honour her life and pay my respects to the staff who looked after her with great compassion and grace during her final weeks. I thought I could best do this by donating the royalties (from this book) to Ashgate Hospicecare.

“I’m delighted that the proceeds can go towards all those who need that essential hospice care whether in the home or in the local hospice itself.”

Paul Bettison, Chaplain at Ashgate Hospicecare, said, “We are immensely grateful to Rosalind Bradley who, in her book, shares the accumulated wisdom of 60 contributors as they reflect upon their experience of loss. Time and time again we are reminded that, despite the death of the body, love lives on.

“In donating to Ashgate Hospicecare the royalty proceeds from the sale of her book, Rosalind pays a poignant tribute to her lifelong friend, for whom we had the privilege of caring, and helps us to maintain and develop our service to the people of North Derbyshire who need our care.”

If you would like to purchase Rosalind’s book and support Ashgate Hospicecare, please visit or phone 01246 567 250 where we have a limited amount of signed copies by Rosalind herself.

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