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You will never walk alone… Join the biggest Sparkle team of 2018!

Adrian Picton’s wife, Sarah, had a brain tumour at the age of 44 and later died at Ashgate Hospicecare on September 2nd 2016. Last year was the first time Adrian walked the Markovitz Sparkle Night Walk.

Adrian said,“The atmosphere at Sparkle is absolutely amazing. Last year, I decided to call my team Sarah’s Pink Friends because my wife’s favourite colour was pink. So, we all decided to wear something pink for Sarah along with our Sparkle t-shirts… this was before I knew that the Sparkle t-shirts were bright pink! I have a visual impairment, but l can see some light and colour, and so my most abiding memory at my first Sparkle Night Walk last year was arriving and just seeing this sea of pink t-shirts, flashing lights and glow sticks. I know that everyone has their own reasons for walking Sparkle, but as far as I was concerned, in that moment, everybody was there walking for my Sarah. It was such an incredible feeling and I’ll never forget it.”

Unfortunately, none of Adrian’s friends have been able to join him this year, “I’m determined to Sparkle this year even though none of my friends can make it.The care that Sarah received at Ashgate Hospicecare was amazing and I’d like to help to raise money for more people who need this kind of care. By the time Sarah came into the Hospice, she was almost unable to communicate verbally, however, all the staff were incredibly patient and made every effort to work out what Sarah wanted. Coming into the Hospice was a huge relief for both of us and it gave me the chance to say goodbye to her properly.

I was quite happy to do the walk this year with just a member of staff from the Ashgate team as my guide, but then it occurred to me that there are probably many more people out there who haven’t signed up to Sparkle yet because they don’t have anybody to walk with. That’s why I would like to invite you to walk with me and to form the biggest team of 2018! It would be wonderful if we could all pull together and help the Hospice reach their target of 3,000 walkers this year!”

Beth Cole, Events Fundraiser at Ashgate Hospicecare said, “Nobody has ever opened up their team to the public, like Adrian has. We’re very grateful to him for this and for helping us reach our goal of 3,000 walkers and raise vital funds for patient care. We hope this will be the biggest and the best Sparkle Night Walk yet!”

If you would like to sponsor Adrian’s team at this year’s Markovitz Sparkle Night Walk, just go to or to join his team call a member of the Fundraising Team on 01246 233404 or email To read more about the care Sarah received at

Ashgate Hospicecare, see Adrian’s full story at

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