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Patient arranges for Ashgate Hospicecare to receive new outdoor furniture

Peter Stockton, from Chesterfield, former employee of Sheffield’s Samuel Grant Packaging, has a life-limiting illness and attends the ‘Living Well’ program at the Day Hospice at Ashgate Hospicecare.

Peter, who comes to the Hospice every week, still has strong relationships with the directors of the recycled furniture company Marmax, who are part of the Samuel Grant Group. After hearing that the current benches outside the Day Hospice were old and in need of replacing, he approached them to donate a replacement bench.

However, Marmax went above and beyond what Peter had asked them for, and donated a number of low maintenance benches and tables that will last over 30 years. Not only has their kind donation saved the Hospice over £2000 in costs, the beautiful new furniture will save the Hospice from having to pay for replacement furniture in the near future.

Sarah Kerry, Day Hospice Sister, said: “We’re so grateful for the generosity of Marmax and to Peter for liaising with them on our behalf. The money saved will mean that more funds can be directed to caring for patients like Peter.

Our patients love being able to go outside, especially in this lovely weather. Along with the new greenhouse and polytunnel, which have been built as part of the horticultural project to give patients the opportunity to do some gardening while they’re here, the outdoor furniture offers patients the chance to relax outside and also provides somewhere comfortable for families to sit when visiting loved ones, something we know is very important to our visitors.”

A few weeks ago, the Samuel Grant Packaging’s Sheffield branch went to Buckingham Palace to accept the Queen’s Enterprise Award for their innovative and sustainable pallet wrapping solution, the Samson Nano. This year, as Ashgate Hospicecare celebrate 30 years of patient care, the group are celebrating 125 years in the industry!

But Peter doesn’t stop there. He is already in touch with other companies to ask them to donate items to the Hospice, and has been endorsed as a Fundraising Ambassador by the Fundraising Team at the Hospice to enable him to do this.

Peter said, “I am very pleased to donate these benches and chairs on behalf of Marmax. I worked in Sheffield for Samuel Grant Packaging, a family run business, for 20 odd years. They look after their staff very, very well. They’ve always looked after me in the best possible way and, in particular, anything they can help me with through my illness, they will always do. I thank them all very much, especially Matthew Grant, because the Samuel Grant Group and the Grant family have always been very close to my heart.

The company are leading the way ethically, in that they like to support charities, and also in their environmentally friendly and sustainable products. All the furniture donated to the Hospice is made from recycled milk bottles.

Regarding the patients and families, I hope that everybody will really enjoy the comfort of the seats. I will do my best to get other things donated for the patients to make their stay at the Hospice as comfortable as possible.”

Marmax have also donated a plaque for one of the benches, which reads ‘Kindly donated by Marmax and presented by Peter C Stockton’.
If you want to find out how you or your company could help Ashgate Hospicecare, please get in touch with Charlotte Gratton on 01246 568801.
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