Lottery player wins £1000 with last pound on the Ashgate Lottery!

Anita Stapp played two numbers on the Ashgate Lottery for just over a year, but decided to stop the direct debit payments when she had to leave work due to illness. Just two weeks after she cancelled her payments, Anita received a phone call from the team at the Hospice explaining that her last pound in the Ashgate Lottery, costing £1 a week to play, won her £1000!

The winnings came at the perfect time for Anita, “Things have been really difficult since being off work. I had to look at my finances and cancel some of my direct debits, such as those to charities. I really didn’t expect to win on the Ashgate Lottery, especially not with my last pound! In fact, I thought when my number came up that it would be passed onto the next person as I had already cancelled. I feel very lucky.”

Anita continued, “I’m a nurse myself specialising in cancer, so I know what an amazing job the Hospice does for patients and their families as we often refer patients to the Hospice or see patients that are under the Hospice’s care. That’s why I really wanted to support this local charity through the Ashgate Lottery. Plus, you can see that your contribution is going to a good local cause.

“I didn’t believe it when I got the phone call – I was dancing around the kitchen absolutely elated! I’ve never known anybody who’s won on the Ashgate Lottery before, but now I’m going to be telling all my friends and colleagues to sign up and support this worthy cause.

“It’s nice to know that in the time I’ve been a player of the lottery, I’ve given enough to provide two patients with a visit from the Hospice at Home Team. When I’m back to work and things are a bit more certain financially, I’ll make sure I sign up again!”

Carla-Loise Hind, Lottery Executive, said, “We really value all of our lottery players. Their support is vital to helping us care for patients both at home and at the Hospice. We understand that sometimes people can no longer continue to play due to financial reasons, but even spreading the word about the lottery and getting friends to sign up all contributes to more patients and families having access to vital care when they need it.

Congratulations to Anita! We’re grateful for her support over the last year and hope to see her back to good health soon.”

The Ashgate Lottery is just £1 a week! By signing up, you’ll be helping to bring vital hospice care to all those in North Derbyshire who need it, both in the Hospice and at home.

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