Transforming our three bedded bays into nine individual bedrooms

Please pardon our appearance whilst we get ready to make nine new individual bedrooms.

We have exciting plans to turn our three bedded bays into nine individual, beautiful, modern and private bedrooms which will allow us to care for more people, cut waiting lists and allow patients and families much-needed privacy. Please excuse us for the way we look on the Inpatient Unit at the moment whilst we make preparations for the transformation to start.

We believe every person matters and they matter until the end of their life. The time that patients and their families spend with us will often be the most precious days and nights. We offer them outstanding nursing and medical care. However, for many of the people who need to be on our Inpatient Unit, we are no longer able to offer them the privacy and dignity that they deserve and that we would all want for ourselves or for someone we love.

When the Hospice was first opened we had three bedded bays built which have not changed over the last 30 years. However, the needs of the patients that now come into the Hospice have changed dramatically.

The biggest challenge that the three bays create for our patients is the lack of privacy. There are three bed spaces very close to each other, only separated by a flimsy curtain. Whenever possible, we do try and move a patient who is nearing the end of their life into a single bedroom to afford them greater privacy and dignity, but that’s not always possible. When a patient is dying in one of the bays it can be very distressing for other patients sharing the bay and their families.

Turning the bays into these beautiful single bedrooms will give our patients and their families a spacious, private and dignified environment and give the doctors and our nursing staff the power to care for more people.

Want to find out more about how you could support this amazing project and how your support could make a difference to the lives of local people? Just call Ali, Capital Appeals Manager on 01246 567250 or email

Picture of the existing bay on the ward:

Artist’s impression of the transformation:

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