Please help families stay together.

Our 30 year old hospice wing is keeping families apart.

Help us transform our three bedded bays into nine modern bedrooms that allow families to sleep by their loved ones’ side.

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The Problem

In 2015, Ashgate Hospicecare was awarded an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’ from the Care Quality Commission. The report stated that the Hospice provides high quality, safe and innovative care. Patients, their families and carers were highly complementary and satisfied with the care given, which they often described as excellent, exceptional or outstanding.

However, our Hospice building is far from outstanding. The bays have remained unchanged for 30 years and are in desperate need of renovation. They are cramped, dated, dark, draughty and institutionalised. The Clinical Commissioning Group agrees that the bays are not fit for purpose due to the impact they have on respect and dignity.

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Karen Walker, Ward Manager

“My team and I do everything that we can to give our patients the best care. That is why it’s upsetting to see how the three bays are compromising their privacy and dignity and denying them essential private time with their loved ones when it matters most.”

Recently we had a lady who was admitted to the Inpatient Unit, who desperately wanted to stay at home with her three young children. She came to the Hospice because she needed specialist round the clock hospice care.

Unfortunately, the only bed available was in a bay with two other patients and although her children, husband and family could visit her at any time, she was clearly very anxious. She worried that her children would disrupt the other patients or even be upset by what they would witness. There was no space for her children to bring their toys or play and they struggled to sit around her bed. She wanted to make the most of every single moment she spent with her children and leave them with as many happy memories as she could, but that precious ‘mummy time’ was almost impossible in the bay.

The Plan – Our Vision

By transforming the old bays, we will create nine modern bedrooms giving our patients a private space to be surrounded by the love of those close to them, to laugh, cry and reminisce.

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New Rooms

What it will cost and why

Transforming the old wing of the Inpatient Unit into nine modern bedrooms.

£1.2 million

Total cost of renovation

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How donations will make a difference

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When the Hospice first opened 30 years ago, [70%] of the running costs were paid for by the NHS, but this contribution has decreased over this time and is now just [28%]. We have been able to maintain the high quality of care we provide our patients thanks to the generosity of local people. But this has meant that we haven’t been able to afford to invest in the building. This is why we need your help now.

Alison Ward

Want to find out more?

Contact Ali, Capital Appeals Manager, to arrange a coffee at the Hospice.

Just call 01246 567250 or email