Light up a Life

What is Light up a Life?

Light up a Life, which runs throughout the whole of winter, gives you the opportunity to celebrate someone you love.

To commemorate a loved one, please visit our Light up a Life website here. To make your donation, click on a star and make a donation to Ashgate Hospicecare. Once you’ve made your donation, you can return there to see your star.

You can select the star yourself or click on our ‘dedicate a star’ button to be randomly given a star in the sky.

As well as being special to you, your donation will help to raise vital funds for Ashgate Hospicecare. Every penny goes towards the care of patients and their families in our local community.

Below are some examples of what your donation could provide.

£72 could pay for a two hour visit from a specialist nurse.
£44 could pay for a patient to attend the Day Hospice once a week and access all our specialist services.
£24 could pay for a pack of books to use with bereaved children to help them come to terms with the death of a loved one.