You can make a one-off donation or regular donation to Ashgate Hospicecare in memory of your loved one and in recognition of the care and support they received.

Donate now in memory

Instead of giving flowers at the funeral, many people prefer to ask relatives and friends to make a donation to support the work of Ashgate Hospicecare. This is a lovely way to remember a loved one and an effective way to recognise the care and support they received at the hospice.

We can provide envelopes or collection tins and offer any advice you might need. Your funeral director may be able to handle this on your behalf if you let them know that you would like to support Ashgate Hospicecare. You may also choose to open up a Tribute Fund to provide a place online for your friends and family to donate to and remember your loved one. See below for more details.

Our Tree of Life is a symbol of memories. A beautiful array of engraved silver coloured emblems adorn our special tree located in our main reception area. The Tree of Life offers a unique and meaningful way to commemorate a special person in your life or to mark a special occasion, such as an anniversary or a birthday.

You can choose from three different emblems, including leaves, apples or doves. Each is designed to recognise by name the generous contributions our supporters make. Your chosen shape can be displayed for a regular donation made via direct debit, of just:


You are welcome to visit the hospice to come and view your emblem at any time. The leaves, apples or doves will be engraved with your chosen name and then displayed for a minimum period of one year in return for a donation to Ashgate Hospicecare. When you choose to donate by direct debit, in addition to making your own dedication, you could buy one as a unique gift for your friends and family.


A Tribute Fund is a lasting way to honour and celebrate the life of someone you love.

Once you have set up your Tribute Fund, you will be able to share this with friends and family who may wish to add a donation or fundraising event, photos, share stories, light a candle, or share a thought or poem at any time. We hope that your Tribute Fund will provide a place of comfort and remembrance for years to come. Every Tribute Fund helps to ensure that the legacy of the person you love lives on and will continue to make a difference to local patients and families who need specialist hospice care.

Create your Tribute Fund

Search for a Tribute Fund

Click here to find out more about Tribute Funds

There is no upper or lower limit to how much you raise through the Tribute Fund. Every donation, large or small, will go towards caring for local people facing a life-limiting illness and supporting their families.

Some people choose to set a target for the Tribute Fund and this can provide a useful focus. To help with this, we have several milestones that you may wish to work towards. We will get in touch with you when your Tribute Fund reaches these amounts.

  • When your fund reaches £1,500, you will receive a special Remembrance Rose that you may wish to plant in your garden
  • When your fund reaches £5,000, we will arrange to name a star in the sky after your loved one
  • When your fund reaches £15,000, we will arrange for a tree to be dedicated to them at the beautiful Heritage Wood in Ashbourne

"Since my husband Jason died, I have set up a Tribute Fund to keep his memory alive and to thank the hospice for the care they gave our whole family. I know that the money raised in tribute to Jason will ensure that families can get the care and support they need." – Nicola Parsonage

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Remember your loved one in a unique and special way with a lovingly handmade elephant. Our team of dedicated volunteers will craft a bespoke elephant made using the clothes of the person you wish to remember for a suggested donation of £25.

The elephant will not only be a cuddly comfort, it also represents the ‘elephant in the room’ - the topics of death and dying that people tend to avoid. So, not only will your elephant help to raise money for those who need hospice care, it will also be a gentle reminder that it is ok to talk about someone who has died.

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For more information about donating in memory and to find out how it can help Ashgate Hospicecare, or if you would like an informal visit to the hospice, please use the following contact details to get in touch with Amy Buxton
Telephone number - 01246 567250
Email address - fundraising@ashgatehospicecare.org.uk.
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