Dying to Work Charter

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People are living longer, they are working longer and they are retiring later. Sadly, terminal illness can affect people of any age but we can expect, as employers, to see an increasing number of employees with life-limiting conditions across our workforce.

With increasing demand for labour, low unemployment and a need to retain highly skilled and valued staff, there is not only an ethical, but also a business imperative to commit to the Dying To Work Charter.


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As a provider of palliative and end of life care, we at Ashgate Hospicecare are uniquely positioned to understand the impact a terminal diagnosis can have and the difference a supportive employer can make from the perspective of both employer and care provider, as well as counsellor and benefits advisor.

Further training and a template Terminal Illness Policy which have been designed in partnership with the TUC and Banner Jones Solicitors specifically to meet the Dying To Work Charter commitment are also available to support your line managers and HR teams.

To register your interest in the Dying to Work Charter training, please follow the link above and fill in your details. To download our free fact sheet, please follow the link below.

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“The information that I received on the day was invaluable and I’m now in discussions with the HR department regarding a terminal illness policy.
I would highly recommend the training to anyone that has signed up to the dying at work charter.”
- Simon Archer, Usdaw Union Convenor at Weetabix.

"It was definitely worthwhile me attending this event as it appears to be a pretty unique training offering at this time. I came away with a strong sense that it is an employer’s duty to support continued employment for terminally ill employees (if that is their choice) due to the various benefits remaining in work can offer – financial stability, social/emotional support from co-workers and retaining a sense of ‘normality’ in what for some people could be a period of years rather than months. The template policy was especially useful.”
- HR Manager, Public Sector

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If you have any other queries, please contact Vicki Taylor at Vicki.Taylor@ashgatehospicecare.org.uk.
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