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Tracie’s Story

At the age of just 20, Kimberley Trickett was told the devastating news that she was terminally ill. Kim’s mum, Tracie Holocuk, shares her story:

“There’s an instant feeling of calm when you arrive at Ashgate Hospicecare. Even the car park has a serene, calming atmosphere.

Inside, you get a feeling of safety, you feel like your loved one is in a safe place and that the staff really are there to help you. I christened the nursing staff the Ashgate Angels, as the care they showed towards Kim, myself and my family was absolutely amazing. They quickly assessed the situation and recognised that Kim was a very private, dignified person. They tried to respect that at all costs and allowed me to provide a lot of the care myself, which is what Kim wanted.

Throughout Kim’s stay at the hospice I can honestly say that we were made to feel like family. The staff include you in everything and inform you every step of the way. I saw people arrive who were scared, lonely and devastated and within a few days, or sometimes even just a few hours, you could visibly see the change the hospice had on them. They were calmer and more relaxed, that’s the feeling you get at Ashgate Hospicecare, you are given a level of control that hospitals can’t provide. The staff talk to you, talk to your loved ones and help you make plans. Despite being very ill, one thing that Kim really wanted was to visit home one last time. The hospice provided transport and a nurse to make this possible. Kim got to see her dog, her bedroom and the new patio she had previously been planning. She couldn’t stay there long because she was too ill, but it meant the world to her.

The little things really made a big difference. Kim was given a bed by a set of patio doors that opened up onto a garden area and the dog could come and visit, which she loved. The memory of the dog bounding up to meet her is one that I will cherish forever.

There may come a time when you, a member of your family or a friend will need the services of Ashgate Hospicecare. I want to make sure the hospice will be here for eternity, so that everybody gets the same level of care as my daughter.”