Our Wish List

Although we are striving to care for many more people, sadly we don’t have the funds to reach everyone who needs our support in North Derbyshire.

And that’s why we so urgently need your help.

Our patients at Ashgate Hospicecare need round-the-clock specialist care, and for that we need your help. Below you’ll see a Wish List like no other. By making a donation, you’ll enable us to provide vital support for people who are extremely ill and in need of our specialist care. For any gift you can give, we can’t thank you enough.

For example, a gift of a Hospice bed for a patient to sleep in at home could let someone spend their final moments with their family by their side.

For more information, please contact Alison Ward-Foster, our Partnerships Manager, by emailing alison.ward-foster@ashgatehospicecare.org.uk.