Gift Aid in our shops

Gift Aid your donations in our shops or donation centre

Gift Aid your donations and we will claim 25% tax back from HM Revenue and customs.

Ashgate Hospicecare Shops LTD operates a tax efficient Gift Aid scheme on behalf of Ashgate Hospicecare.

Items are sold on behalf of donors who have made a valid Gift Aid declaration. These items will carry a barcoded sticker which will be fixed to a price ticket.

Ashgate Hospicecare Shops is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashgate Hospicecare and will charge a commission fee of 1% plus VAT.


Our agency agreement

Ashgate Hospicecare Shops (LTD) will act as my agent in selling the goods, from which a 1% commission fee + VAT will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

Any goods that are unsuitable for sale or goods that Ashgate Hospicecare shops are unable to sell will be recycled or disposed of and will not be returned.

Unsold goods will be disposed of.

The net proceeds from the sale of the goods will be donated to Ashgate Hospicecare.

It will not be necessary to write to donors to confirm the donations, provided that the total net proceeds from the sale of the goods so far in the tax year has not exceeded £1,000 but where they do, Ashgate Hospicecare will write to the donor to seek consent to those funds over and above the initial £1,000 being donated and will write with in-year updates as further goods are sold.

Ashgate Hospicecare Registered Charity Number 700636.

Ashgate Hospice Shops is a limited company, Registration Number 2577401.