Day Hospice

Our Day Hospice gives patients the opportunity to maintain their independence at home and access all our specialist services, such as physiotherapy and complementary therapy, during a visit for a day at Ashgate Hospicecare. Visits to our Day Hospice also give carers the opportunity to have a break from their caring responsibilities.

Patients usually attend our Day Hospice one day a week and remain under the care of their GP. In addition to receiving our specialist care, patients benefit from meeting and talking to other people who are in a similar situation to their own. They can also join in a variety of recreational therapies and activities, including painting, drawing, needlecraft, IT and more.

Our Day Hospice can care for up to 16 patients a day and is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 3pm. Transport, lunch, refreshments and all treatments and activities are included in this service.

The Team
The team responsible for the care of our patients consists of registered nurses and healthcare assistants. The team work alongside other services throughout the Hospice including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, chaplains, benefits advisors and other professional staff where required.

The Day Hospice also has an Activities Coordinator, who arranges a wide range of activities for patients to get involved in throughout their day.

The team are supported by volunteers who help to serve refreshments throughout the day and spend time with patients, volunteering their time to do manicures, bingo, quizzes and more.

Common Questions

How long will I attend Day Hospice?
We plan for Day Hospice patients to attend over a period of 6 weeks. When this 6 week period is coming to a close, we will review the needs of the patient and if required, extend their admittance to the Day Hospice. If a patient’s condition is stable, discharge plans will be made. These plans and your future care needs will be discussed with you, your carers and other members of the Hospital Team and other agencies such as social services.

How do you get referred to the Day Hospice?
Referral to the Day Hospice is made through health care professionals. Please note that we cannot accept self-referrals for this service. For more information about the services available to you, please talk to your GP.

What happens on attendance to the Day Hospice?
On the day that you arrive at the Hospice you will be seen by your doctor and nurse to discuss your needs and a plan of care. You will also be asked to give us contact details of your next of kin and to identify someone with whom, you might be happy for us to discuss your care.

Details of your illness and care will be kept confidential and not discussed with anyone else unless you agree. Therefore, you will be asked if you wish us to discuss your illness or treatment with members of your family. No discussion will take place between Hospice staff and relatives if you are not happy for us to pass on information to them.

You may be referred to other specialists within the team to help with your care. This will be discussed with you. To enable us to help you with any problems you may have, we will need to ask you questions about your illness and home situation. Some questions may seem very personal, however it is important that we fully understand your circumstances to ensure that the treatment offered is right for you.

What do I need to bring to Day Hospice?
Medicines: On your first visit, please bring in all the medicines that you take regularly at home as the doctor will need to know what you have been taking. On subsequent visits, you will need to bring the medications that you would normally take during the day if you were at home.

Special equipment/electrical items: If you use any special medical equipment at home that you feel you may need during the day, please let a member of the nursing team know before you come in. Any electrical items brought into the Hospice for personal use must have a safety check by our electricians prior to use. This may take several days to arrange. We are unable to take any responsibility for such items.

Valuables: Please do not bring valuable items or large amounts of money into the Hospice as we are unable to accept any responsibility for any that are not handed in for safe keeping.

Travelling to the Day Hospice
It is helpful if patients can make their own transport arrangements to and from Day Hospice. However transport can be provided to the Day Hospice, if necessary, either in the Hospice’s own transport or by ambulance.

Information on emergency facilities
The Hospice does not have the full range of emergency facilities that you would expect to find in an acute hospital. Your wishes and views will be discussed with you on admission.

Food and Drink
Lunch is served at approximately 12 noon and the menu for the day you are attending will be discussed with you. Drinks are available at any time. We appreciate that you may be feeling unwell or not hungry at the above time. If this is the case and you would like something to eat at a different time, please speak to a member of staff. Although a full range of food may not be available, it is always possible to provide you with a snack, such as cereal, toast, ice cream or yoghurts.

In addition to clinical care, our Activities Coordinator provides a varied activities programme including arts and crafts, diversional therapies and pastimes, including scrabble, dominoes, snooker or cards. Occasionally there is entertainment provided by outside agencies or school children, for example carols at Christmas time. Alternatively there is time to sit and talk to other patients, staff and volunteers.

On the first visit your carer/relative may accompany you if this is helpful for information giving and also if you need the reassurance to settle in on the first day. Due to the busy nature of the Day Hospice, we respectfully request that patients do not arrange for visitors to come and see them whilst they are attending Day Hospice. It is also not normally necessary for carers to stay with patients.

Infection Control
We endeavour to reduce the risk of the spread of infection and request help from visitor’s with this. Handwashing and the use of alcohol gel helps to reduce the risk.

Please note Ashgate Hospicecare has a no smoking policy and smoking is not permitted in the Hospice or within the grounds.

What should I do if I have any questions, feedback or concerns?
We actively encourage patients and families to raise any concerns with us as they arise. We want your stay to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Please approach any member of staff if you have any queries that need addressing. For more information on how to make a suggestion or complaint, please contact us.

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