Spiritual Care

We are a team of spiritual care practitioners, who work as part of the supportive care team based at Ashgate Hospicecare. We are all specially trained and experienced in providing person-centered spiritual care in a healthcare setting.
Who is our service for?

Our service is for anyone who is receiving support from the hospice, and also for their relatives, friends, carers, staff members and volunteers.

How can we help?

The spiritual part of our life can be important in helping us have an increased sense of well-being. We seek to listen, with compassion, helping people to explore their own sources of strength, comfort and hope.

What is spirituality?

There is no one definition, but in general, spirituality is defined as:

  • Something everyone can experience.
  • Helps us to find meaning and purpose in the things we value.
  • Can bring hope and healing in times of suffering and loss.
  • Encourages us to seek the best affirming relationship and connection with ourselves, others and the larger world.
What do we do?
  • We offer – pastoral care, a ‘ listening ear, and can, if appropriate, support you as you reflect, explore and remember.
  • Worship services – regular reflective worship services in our Reflection Room and individual prayer and communion for those who would like it.
  • Meditation – spiritual care practitioners offer regular sessions of meditation and deep talk sessions, exploring story in a creative way.
  • Resources include: copies of the Bible, Qur’an, mindfulness books, holding crosses and hearts.
  • We are a link with the diverse faith communities of Derbyshire. Contact can be made with other Faith Leaders if requested by patients or families.
  • The spiritual care practitioners value the support of a wide range of faith traditions in the Chesterfield area.
The Reflection Room

The Reflection Room can be found at the end of the main corridor, just beyond the Family Room, and is for the use of patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff. The Reflection Room is always open and is for people of all faiths or people with no faith. Many people find it to be an oasis of peace and use it to reflect, to pray or simply to be still. The spiritual care practitioners regularly lead meditations and acts of worship here for patients, staff, families and friends. Religious artefacts are also present in the Reflection Room for people to use. Please feel free to use the books of meditations and prayers and the ‘Thanksgiving Book’ and ‘Message Tree’.

Our Virtual Reflection Room

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