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Things need to change. No one has to face death and loss alone. Everyone in our community deserves the best possible care. With your support, we can make sure they get it. We need to secure the future of our hospice, a future that ensures we can continue to be there when it matters and a future where no one is left to die without the dignity and respect they deserve.

For the last 30 years, Ashgate Hospicecare has offered expert physical and emotional care to local people with a life-limiting illness and their families. Last year alone, we cared for more than 2,100 people. This was only possible thanks to the generosity of our amazing fundraisers and supporters who fund over 70% of these vital services. But, even with such generosity, we are still unable to reach everyone who needs us. In fact, one in four families who need hospice care can’t access the services they need leaving people to deal with pain alone and families left to care for loved ones without expert support.

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Gavin and Lori's story

When I walked down the aisle earlier this year, I knew the man I was about the marry would soon be gone.

At just 39 years old, Gavin was told he had only weeks to live after his extremely rare form of bladder cancer had spread to his stomach. We were crushed. Only eight months before, we had celebrated the birth of our first child, Fletcher, and we were beginning to plan our wedding. Everything seemed perfect. Then, in a heartbeat, our lives turned upside down and our dreams of a wonderful future together shattered completely. We were in shock, so afraid of what was to come and we felt very alone. But thankfully, Ashgate Hospicecare was there for us.

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Annette, our Palliative Care Nurse, was an angel. She listened to us and got to know our situation. She immediately helped to manage Gavin’s pain and visited as often as she needed in order to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible. But not only that, she put us in touch with the different teams at the hospice to make sure that Gavin had the equipment he needed to be at home, to make sure he was getting the lymphoedema treatment he needed, and she also put us in touch with the hospice’s Welfare Advisor, who gave us invaluable help with the difficult financial situation we suddenly found ourselves in. The hospice helped to guide us at a time when the future seemed so bleak.

Within weeks, Gavin’s condition deteriorated, and he was taken onto the ward at Ashgate Hospicecare for round the clock specialist care. We knew that his time was coming to an end, but the hospice still managed to get Gavin home for a short while as he so desperately wanted to spend precious time at home with Fletcher.

It was devastating to realise that Gavin and I would no longer have the future we planned and I honestly don’t know how we would have coped through our darkest times without Ashgate Hospicecare. It wasn’t just the incredible medical care that eased our distress. What really made the difference to Gavin’s quality of life was the unflinching compassion and kindness shown by all the Ashgate Hospicecare staff. Nothing was too much trouble - not even our wedding. You see, when Annette discovered we had planned to get married, she formed a plan of her own. Knowing that Gavin could have only days left to live, Annette helped to organise our wedding.

Just two days later, I was walking down the aisle in the hospice’s beautiful Garden Room to marry the love of my life. Getting married in a hospice is not something any bride ever imagines they’ll need to do. Yet, despite the inevitable sadness of the weeks to follow, thanks to Ashgate Hospicecare, Gavin and I were able to celebrate our love for each other, with our closest family and friends, and create special memories amidst the heartache. That’s something I will cherish forever.

My wonderful husband, Gavin, died in April this year. The loss I feel is immeasurable and not a minute goes by when I don’t miss him. But I am hugely comforted by the fact that his final weeks were made less painful, even happy, thanks to Ashgate Hospicecare.


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The hospice is under increasing strain to provide care and support to patients and their families both in their own homes and within the hospice. By making a regular donation, you will be helping to ensure that many more people in our community will receive the best possible care when the worst happens. Here for now. Here for the future. Thanks to you.

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