Hospice Ambassadors

We currently have a team of Hospice Ambassadors in local shops and going door-to-door in our catchment area.  They are doing the very important job of spreading the word about the hospice and telling people about the work we do. At the same time as raising awareness of the hospice, they are also asking people to consider becoming members of our weekly lottery or to consider giving a regular gift.

Lottery players and regular givers are vital to the ongoing care and support that we provide, helping to ensure that we will be there for future patients and their families across North Derbyshire.

Our ambassadors are doing a great job in all weather, so please give them a smile and a word of encouragement if they knock on your door, or if you see them at a local venue.

Our current ambassadors are shown below, they all have Ashgate Hospicecare branded clothing and ID but if you are unsure or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01246 567250.