Lymphoedema Service

What is Lymphoedema?

Download our lymphoedema leaflet here Download our referral form here

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition caused by a failure in the lymphatic system. Lymphoedema literally means ‘swelling caused by the build-up of lymph fluid'. Lymphoedema most commonly occurs in the arm or leg, but can appear in other parts of the body as well.

The lymph system is instrumental in controlling the amount of fluid in the entire body. It acts as a drainage route for the body’s cells carrying away excess fluid, waste materials, immune cells and protein from the tissues.


All patients must be registered with a GP within the North Derbyshire CCGs (North Derbyshire and Hardwick) and be referred by a Health Care Professional.

How do I access the service?

You can download our referral form here

Referrals to the Lymphoedema team will be Triaged when:
• The Referral Form has been fully completed and received or a comprehensive Letter has been completed and received
• A medication list has been received
• The patient has consented to share records with Ashgate Hospicecare
• The patient has been identified as having lymphoedema needs

See criteria here

If your referral is urgent please contact the Triage Team directly on 01246 568801.
We also accept letters from Health Care Professionals which can be posted or emailed to Ashgate Hospicecare, Lymphoedema Triage Team:

Ashgate Hospicecare
Ashgate Road
Old Brampton
S42 7JD


What happens after a referral is made?

You, as the referrer, may receive a telephone call from the Lymphoedema team to obtain more information if required. Please ensure your contact details are completed to avoid any delays.

Your referral will be processed through the Lymphoedema Triage Service. Each patient will receive a telephone contact from a member of the team who will assign an appropriate priority and urgency to the referral.

The patient will then be offered an appointment to be seen by a member of the team.

The patient’s assessment may be undertaken in a clinic setting or at home depending on the situation and may be seen by one of our Consultants.

You can download the referral form here
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