Referrals to our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses

Our Palliative Care Specialist Nurse Team

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We provide care and support to people with specialist palliative care needs relating to any life-limiting illness across North Derbyshire. Some of our patients decide they would rather be at home, and the Palliative Care Specialist Nurses are able to help support and plan for this.

The team work alongside GPs and community nurses to provide rapid specialist assessment and advice for managing complex symptoms. We also work with other hospice services to ensure patients are able to access the emotional support that they and their family may need, to enable them to live their lives as comfortably and as fully as possible.


All patients must be registered with a GP within the North Derbyshire CCGs

How do I access the service?

See referral criteria here

All patients must be registered with a GP within the North Derbyshire CCGs
Referrals to the Palliative Care Specialist Nurse team will be triaged when:
• The referral form has been fully completed and received or a comprehensive letter has been completed and received
• A medication list has been received
• The patient has consented to share records with Ashgate Hospicecare
• The patient has been identified as having specialist palliative care needs

Referrals will be processed by our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Referrals are only accepted from any Health Care Professional. If your referral is urgent, please contact our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses directly on 01246 565026. We also accept letters which can be posted or emailed to Ashgate Hospicecare Palliative Care Specialist Nurses:


Ashgate Hospicecare
Ashgate Road
Old Brampton
S42 7JD

See referral criteria here

Once we have received your referral:

You may receive a telephone call from our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses to obtain more information if required. Please ensure your contact details are completed to avoid any delays.

Our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses will contact the patient and carry out a telephone triage assessment, this will help to clarify the patient’s concerns and identify the need and priority. The team may also be able to signpost or refer on to other services where necessary.

Our Clinical Administrators will contact the GP surgery to inform the GP of the referral and request medical information in the form of copies of letters and scan reports as required.

This patient’s assessment may be undertaken at home or over the phone depending on the situation. The assessment will be completed by a member of the Palliative Care Specialist Nurse Team.

After completing the referral, your telephone call will help us to prioritise the patient and begin arranging an appropriate response.

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