The UK’s Highest Skydiving Day 2021 Ashgate Hospicecare Application Form

To apply for one of our Skydiving places for the Ashgate Hospicecare Skydiving Day 2021, please fill out the online form below. If you would like any further information please do get in touch, you can call our Events Team on 01246 567250 or email them at

Charity Skydiving Terms –

By taking part in a skydive in aid of the Ashgate Hospicecare you are bound by the following terms and agree:

  1. To aim to meet the minimum fundraising pledge agreed and to make every effort to exceed it
  2. That any shortfall will need to be covered by yourself in order to take part or you should postpone or cancel and refund all monies to your sponsors.
  3. To send on any additional funds raised directly to the charity within the timeframe agreed. Failure to do so is considered theft.
  4. To make clear to sponsors if you are not paying for the skydive yourself and that the cost will be covered in full or part by their donations.
  5. That your contact details will be shared between the charity and the skydiving centre. They will not be passed on by us to any other third party for any reason.
  6. Skydiving is an adventure sport and participation involves a risk of injury or death and you voluntarily accept all the risks inherent
  7. That the organiser / charity will not accept any liability or responsibility for you taking part in a skydive.


If you need any information about the skydive itself or the age, weight and medical restrictions then you can contact Skydive Hibaldstow directly on 01652 648837 or email

All participants will receive their deposit payment link once this application form has been completed. Please note your place on the event is not confirmed until this deposit has been paid.