Supporter Charter

Our Promise

Our supporters will always be at the heart of what we do. Their kindness and generosity are the reasons why Ashgate Hospicecare is here for the people of North Derbyshire.

Each supporter will have a choice of how we communicate with them.

We see our supporters as partners in achieving our mission, to make Ashgate Hospicecare accessible to everyone who needs it when they need it.

All supporters will be treated equally at all times with care, consideration, integrity and respect. There will be no coercion, pressure or undue persuasion and the donor’s right to say no will be respected and immediately accepted.

Our supporters will deal with a named person who is easy to contact.

Our mantra will be ‘the truth, told well’ and responsively. We will report on the differences they make with honesty, clarity, precision and impressive promptness.

Openness and transparency will guide our accountability to all supporters.

We will communicate our passion for what we believe and do and give our supporters the choice of when and how often they hear from us.