The Life and Death Podcast

Series Two

After such a fantastic response to series one of The Life and Death Podcast, we’re excited to be launching series two.

Throughout this series we hear more honest conversations about life, death and so much more. Hosted again by Stephen Rumford, Senior Physiotherapist at the Ashgate Hospicecare, the podcasts feature guest speakers who have experiences of death and dying, and aim to get a deeper understanding of what life and death means to them.

You can listen to the latest episodes below…

Episode Six: Stephen and Drew

In this episode Stephen Rumford, Senior Physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare chats with Drew Lilleker, Funeral Director from Harold Lilleker & Sons Ltd. As he talks about the emotional responsibility of his job, supporting bereaved families, and working around death.

“If you ever want some good advice talk to a funeral director.”

Episode Five: Stephen and Siobhan

In this episode Stephen Rumford, Senior Physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare chats with Siobhan, Spiritual Care Practitioner at Ashgate Hospicecare, as she accompanies patients towards the end of their life journeys and discusses the role of spirituality in palliative care.

“What people give me I hold precious. They’re sharing the deepest part of themselves.”

Episode Four: Stephen and Sam

In this episode Stephen Rumford, Senior Physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare chats with ‘Tunng’ band member, Sam Genders, as he discusses his recent musical project exploring death and palliative care.

“When you find life a bit overwhelming it really makes you interested in the big questions”

Episode Three: Stephen, Hannah, Dr. Rebecca Avis and Roy

In this episode, Stephen chats with three guests, Hannah Botsford who is Health care assistant on the ward, Dr Rebecca Avis, one of our doctors from the ward and community and returning patient Roy, who featured in our very first episode from series one. They share their unique experiences of palliative care in the time of COVID-19. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and palliative care was no exception.

“The main thing for us is the patients. It was cruel what people had to go to.”

Episode Two: Stephen and David

In this episode, Stephen Rumford, Senior Physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare chats with terminally ill patient David as he shares his experience of dying and being brought back to life, and what he saw on the other side.

“I’ve been dead. I know what it’s like, and I’m not frightened.”

Episode One: Stephen and Kathryn

In this episode, Stephen chats with author and palliative care doctor Kathryn Mannix, as she explains what happens when we die, and why we must talk about it.

“People think communication is about what we say, when it’s actually about silence.”

Series One:

You’ll hear from both givers and receivers of palliative and end of life care and get a deeper understanding of what it takes to provide specialist, compassionate hospice care and give an insight into Ashgate Hospicecare and the people we support.

Your host, Stephen Rumford, senior physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare, brings together patients and professionals to chat about their unique relationships, hospice life, and dying well. Each episode follows a different pair and another side of hospice life.

You can listen to the latest episodes below…

Episode Six: Arlene and Ellie

In this episode we hear from Arlene, Head of Supportive Care at Ashgate Hospicecare and Ellie, who runs the Ashgate choir, as they discuss their personal experiences of bereavement, grieving at Christmas time, and how singing has helped their mental health.

“I learnt to let go of that guilt for feeling okay”.

Episode Five: Stephen and Barbara-Anne

Stephen, senior physiotherapist at Ashgate Hospicecare, chats with the hospice’s Chief Executive Barbara-Anne. They discuss the person behind the title, their views of life and death, and how their perspectives have been shaped by working in the hospice sector.

“There are some people that just get under my defences”.

Episode Four: Carl and Tom

Tom, who has been a passionate fundraiser since his Dad died in 2018, chats with fundraising manager Carl about family, loss, and the incredible cycling he completed during lockdown.

“You’ve got the fuel with what you’ve been through to be able to do it”.

Episode Three: Liz and Sarah

Sarah, whose partner Jackie died in 2017, and her bereavement counsellor Liz, chat about loss, coping with death, and how they have worked through Sarah’s grief together.

“I think bereavement starts before somebody has died.” – Sarah

Episode Two: Sarah and Lynette

Dr Sarah Parnacott and her patient Lynette, who is living with an incurable tumour, chat about their relationship, providing care for patients with complex needs and the importance of a dignified death.

“All my patients have an incurable illness but like Lynette, they’re very much about living.” – Dr Sarah Parnacott

Episode One: Stephen and Roy

Senior physiotherapist Stephen, and his patient Roy, chat about what it means to live and die well, and what Ashgate Hospicecare means to them both. It will move you, make you laugh and make you think.

“You’re on this earth to live, and the dying side sorts itself out.” – Roy

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